Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is there such a thing...

...as loving socks TOO much? LOL. I had heard about this phenomenon where knitters work on lots and lots of socks, but I just couldn't figure it out.

Now I know.

I LOVE my sock. It's fun (pink and blue and green) and easy (I'm at the stage where it's just round after round of knit) and really portable (I carry mine in a "Quarter Cube" from Eagle Creek's "Pack It" system).

I also started this really pretty sky-blue ribbon scarf, but more on that and other WIPs and pictures later.

The Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

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Will Pillage For Yarn said...

No. There is no such thing as loving socks too much. You're fine. Just keep on with your bad old self and the sock yarn love. :-D