Friday, May 12, 2006

Wanna Hear About My Day?

It went something like this...(click for the full image)

'nuff said.

A Sad Guppy
aka A Fish With Sticks


Rebecca said...


Anonymous said...

IF that is your car .... GO BACK TO BED! It is a sign of a not-so-wonderful day! Yikes! ---- SPA

knitabulous said...

Oh my god, if this is true you must immediately go buy a lottery ticket. how lucky are you to be telling this tale? I am Completely freaked.

Ellen said...

How awfully scary!
So glad you're okay.

I have noticed tons of trees doing that in the Palisades. There's a big hunk o' tree in the Ralph's parking lot and there was another one on Sunset the other day.

You have a guardian angel, that's for sure!

Laurie Ann said...

Wow. I saw something similar on Poinsettia. That wasn't you, was it?