Wednesday, July 19, 2006

She's Grounded!

I've discovered something...I can't knit my
Lady Eleanor in public. Really. I just can't. Every time I try, disaster strikes.

Two weeks ago I was sitting with my Saturday Night Crafty group over at my mother's house (they were her friends first. *grin*) when what do I see? A HOLE in my ELEANOR!!! It's ok, I think. I should be able to fix it, I say. it seems when joining one rectangle to the next I dropped the stitch.

Now, y'all know I'm not afraid in any way shape or form of
ripping back, but just the thought of trying to rip back Silk Garden without it felting to itself or breaking made me ill. And in looking at it I realized that to get back to the mistake I'd have to rip back the row I started and the two rows of entrelac already done. I can't. Really. It's just too painful.

So I made a mad dash to
A Mano Yarn and threw myself on the mercy of Shannita. She had the same instinctive response to ripping back. No. Way. So she took the dropped stitch, worked it up to where it should have been and then tacked it down in the back. And I went home to keep working.

Well, I had to rip out the same two rectangles FIVE TIMES. At that point I realized that the Gods were telling me that in order to move forward I needed to go back and fix. And it was at that point I realized (no laughing now, promise?) that since I had only just started a row of entrelac that I had to rip the two rectangles (for the 6th time), the turning triangle, and two rectangles on the previous row in order to fix that dropped stitch. Half an hour and I was done.

Ok. Obviously Eleanor was a little peeved, but I've patched her wounds. I've been spending quality time with her every day. She's been going with me just about everywhere. We're good, right?


Once again, I'm at a friend's house knitting. Once again, I find a gap. This time it was because on one of the previous rows I forgot to drop the first stitch of the rectangle row so I don't have a good edge to pick up the stitches. That's ok. I can fake it! Takes me three tries, but I get it.

And once again...the next rectangle I'm doing...I've ripped it out three times so far.

Eleanor looks beautiful and everything seems fine now, so I'm not sure what her current issues are with me. Maybe she's jealous of the time I've been spending with
Mr. Sock. But really, it was for her own good! I've only been spending time with Mr. Sock because I've been at places that were too dirty or crowded for me to let Eleanor out to play.

So I think she's just pouting.

And because of that she gets a time out. She needs to sit there for a bit and think about what she's done. When she decides to adjust her attitude and behave, then she can come out and play with people again. Until then...she stays home.

The Guppy
aka The Fish with Sticks


Rebecca Fisher said...

That is so cute! I love your shawl, so glad I got to see it in person... now don't be too strict - you know they say positive discipline is best

Barbara said...

What a fun blog! I love "Eleanor" - I love knitting most everything but haven't done much in the way of shawls or scarves. This may get me motivated! (yeah - what I need is another knitting project).

Re: socks - rather than using DPNs or two small circulars, I learned the "magic loop" method and love it. what method do you use to knit socks?

The Guppy said...

Hi, Barbara! I see you wandered my way. *grin* I either use DPNs (I prefer the metal ones) or I use really small Addi-Turbos. I get the 12" length. That stretches my sock just a bit, but not much.

My problem is laddering on the DPNs. I just can't quite seem to be able to make it stop. Plus it's just faster on the Addis when I can go 'round and 'round.