Sunday, February 12, 2006

And I Was Doing So Well...

Friday night...Opening Ceremonies... my needles were at the ready, and I was SET! I had swatched and figured what size needles I needed. And when the "shaman-like figure" struck the anvil for the first time and the flames shot out...I cast on! I know, the flame wasn't lit at that point, but since the rules said to cast on at 2 p.m. local time, and it was now nearly 10 p.m., I figured all was good. *grin*

So I worked...and worked... and wondered what the heck was with parts of the ceremonies... until I had my first two cable repeats. I can't tell you how excited I was.

Then the next morning I went to knitting class.

On Saturday mornings I take a class at my LYS. It's not a class on anything specific, it's just a way for a bunch of us to go and get help on whatever we're working on now. I had dropped a stitch in my HP Scarf, and I needed to learn how to fix it.

As I was sitting there with my knitting pal looking at my Knitting Olympic project, I decided that as pretty as my cables were, I really needed to go up a size needle. Using my size 8's were still too tight. So rather than frog what I had already on the off chance I liked it better on 9's, I dug out another ball of my yarn and started all over.

Yup. I liked it better on the 9's. Damn.


Then I went to another knitting pal's house to sit and knit and watch the games, and I kept knitting... and knitting... and loading audio books to her computer... and knitting... and knitting...

But by the end of the day, look at what I had! Progress at last! It's still a little stiff, but I think it's the cables.

So finally...after a long two days...I'm FINALLY on the road to Gold!

And now for day 2...

The Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

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Katie said...

Wow! Glad your scarf turned out better! It looks great--I love the horseshoe pattern.

Lol...the "shaman like figure" was a tad scary in my opinion. =)